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Western Colorado Power Company


The Western Colorado Power Company (WCPC) was incorporated March 12, 1913, as a subsidiary of the Utah Power and Light Company.  Its purpose was to integrate smaller electric companies into one unit connected by a network of transmission lines. 


Its predecessors were: the Durango Gas and Electric Company, the San Juan Water and Power Company, the Telluride Power Company (Colorado Dept.), and the Telluride Electric Light Company.


In April 1914, WCPC bought four more small companies: the Ouray Electric Power and Light Company, the Montrose Electric Light and Power Company, the Delta Electric Light Company, and the Ridgway Electric Company.


In 1975, WCPC was bought by three rural electrical cooperatives: the Delta-Montrose Electric Association., San Miguel Power, and LaPlata Power (Durango).  Power was supplied by the Colorado-Ute Electric Association based in Montrose.



Source: “High Voltage”, Montrose Daily Press-Focus June 24, 2012

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