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Example of Reference list for Museum research

Newspapers 1896-1940

Memories of Judge John Gray

Men and Women in WW2 from Montrose County

Pioneers of the San Juan County 3 Volumes

Jaban family history

Montrose County News 1944-1946 (A Service Members WW2 newspaper

Sloennen Family Tree

Gray Family History

Family Files

Yearbooks - Montrose High School and Olathe

Ptarmigan 1975-1979

Uncompahgre Valley Chronicles

Civic War Journal Covington & Anderson Family

Pinion, Ute, & Nevada Wibert & Alice Fog Cooper

The Banita Genealogy

Memoir of Charle Banta

Montrose History Series

History Stories of Early Log Hill families

Heath History

Wells family

Numerous books

Progressive Men of Western Colorado

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