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Image Reproduction Request

The Montrose County Historical Society is the owner of the material in the museum’s collections and written permission must be obtained prior to use of any images of same. Rights and permissions vary by type of use. In some cases the Society may not hold copyrights to material and permission for use may require additional authorization from copyright owners. All reproductions must be credited to the Montrose County Historical Society with accompanying captions and proper citation.


Image Reproduction Fees

  • A statement of intended use is required for all reproductions.

  • A single email jpeg copy for personal, non-commercial use, without permission to reproduce, is free of charge.

  • If intending to reproduce and /or distribute the image or use it for commercial purposes, there are fees and an “Image Reproduction” agreement is required.

  • Non profit educational usage requires written individual arrangements.

  • All fees must be prepaid in US currency or by credit card


Commercial Use Fees (per Item)                        Local              Regional/National

Books, Calendars, Guides and Brochures

  1. Under 100 copies                                              $10                               $20

  2. to 5000 copies                                                  30                                50

  3. Over 5000 copies                                              50                                90

Magazines and Newspapers

  1. Under 5000 copies                                            10                                 30

  2. Over 5000 copies                                              45                                 90

Merchandise, Posters, Magnets, Postcards, etc.

  1. Under 500                                                         20                                 45

  2. Over 500                                                           30                                 90

Exhibit or Display

  1. Power point or slide show                                  15                                 20

  2. Commercial Display                                          15                                 45

Motion Picture, TV, Film footage , etc.                             50                                 75

Website by arrangement

CD Charge (additional)                                         $ 5 per CD                    $ 5 per CD


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