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Schedule of Events

Montrose County History Museum

Season 2024

Schedule of events for Season 2024

Every first Wednesday of the Month there is a free program starting at 7:00pm at the Montrose County Events Center. Open to the public. Check out the home page for the topic and presenter.



April                                                                                            August

1st- Coordinator back full-time                                 3rd- Farmers Market

5th - General Meeting                                                 7th- General Meeting

19th- clean up 9-12                                                      9th –Madams walk-6 pm

                                                                                    17th?? Youth Apprec. Day

                                                                                    17th- Farmers Market

May                                                                             23rd Madams walk-6 pm

1st-Open for season

2nd - General Meeting

18th- Cemetery tour Grandview – 4pm                                  September

29th- Closed Memorial Day                                        2nd- Closed Labor Day                                                                                                              4th - General Meeting

June                                                                            7th Cedar Cemt. Tour-4:00

1st- Farmers Market                                                   14th 2nd Cedar cemt                                                                                                                    tour

5th - General Meeting                                                 ??? Culture Festival

11th-12th and 15th Escape room                      19 or 20nd- Night at the Depot 4-6 pm    14th- Madams, Murder Walk                                    26th –Volunteer Appreciation-4:00

15th- Farmers Market                                                30th-Last day of the season

28th Ghost walk - 7                                                     

Rock the Block          


July                                                                             October

3rd - General Meeting                                                18th – Pub Crawl-6:00

4th- closed 4th of July                                              25th and 26th- Ghost Walks-6:00

6th Farmers Market                                                                            

20th- Farmers Market

22-28 fair sign on

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