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Volunteer Information

All aboard for inspiration!  The volunteers of Montrose County Historical Museum are a driving force behind our Museum. Volunteers play an important role in helping to tell Montrose’s story.  Whether it’s greeting visitors and telling the story of the depot and “Who Lived Here” or working behind the scenes of the museum.  We have the flexibility and a variety of opportunities for all ages to become a contributing force to the Museum.  Are you interested in our history and would love to learn more, please join us for an informational meeting on May 14th starting at 10:00 am.  The location is 21 N. Rio Grande, Montrose County Historical Museum.  For more information please contact Sally at 249-2085.

If you are interested in Volunteering at the Museum please contact:
Museum Coordinator: Sally Johnson at 970-249-2085 or E-Mail


The Volunteers help the Museum by

        Interacting with museum visitors in a helpful and welcoming manner.
      Providing assistance to complement, expand and supplement the work of the Museum Coordinator.

        Offering the use of his/her time, special skills, knowledge, or experience
     Identifying areas within the museum for change or expansion to meet changing needs.
         Serving as a goodwill ambassador, helping to promote the Museum in the community.

Shift Times

During museum hours Monday through Saturday and the museum season, May through September.  Specific times are determined by the Museum Coordinator and each volunteer, based on the job and time available.

Museum Host
        Greet visitors, collect admission fees, ask visitors to sign the guest register.
        Learn about the exhibits to provide direction to visitors
         Keep a tally of visitors, direct visitors to displays of interest
         Respond to patron requests by locating and providing information
        Assist visitors in purchasing merchandise and keep a record of merchandise   sales, restock when supply is low
       Clean and dust  shelves and displays
         Answer telephone and make note of messages when the office is not staffed.
         Make sure the building is clean, discard any trash.
         Be willing to work on small projects while serving as a Host.
         Be sure visitors do not bring in food or beverages.

           Importance of position:
The Museum Host is a vital part of the museum operation. Without a host, the museum could not be open to the public.  You are the first and last person a visitor meets when entering and leaving. The first good impression you give often determines their enjoyment of the museum. This feeling of goodwill extends into the community and contributes to the museum’s recognition.




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