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Research Request

There is an extensive research library housed at the Museum containing historical newspapers, publications, photos, artifact information, marital & cemetery records - all available to the public upon request.

One hour of general historical research on the local area will be conducted by museum staff if the patron submits specific information to be searched.  The charge ($8) for the first hour of research time is included in the admission fee or may be paid via PayPal with your online requests.  Time beyond the first hour is charged at a rate of $10.00 per hour.  Copies are 25 cents per page plus postage.  All research is done on site with our available information.  Limited staffing prevents lengthy research.  We cannot guarantee the amount of information. 

Any information found will be photocopied within the fair use guidelines of the U.S. Copyright laws.  Completion of this form constitutes your agreement to use such copies for personal use only and do not reproduce without written permission from the owner of the rights to the materials.


The specific information you need us to find must be clearly defined in your request.  We can not honor requests such as “Everything you have on XYZ.” Please be as complete as possible and limit your research requests to Montrose County residents, places, events, and businesses.

Submit as much information as you can for the topic or name you want to be searched.  Include first, middle and last names with any nicknames or various spellings you have found.  Include any background information that you have such as events, birth, marriage, death, etc. as well as places for these with possible dates.


You may print the page and mail it to the museum with your payment or use the request from the link.


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