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School Trips

Are you planning a field trip to the Museum?



Prices for a School group are $1.00/student or teacher

We have a new learning experience for the School Groups called The History Detective.


Here is the History Detective information for field trips.


The New History Detective school stations are designed to have the students view the exhibits and explore the story that the display represents.  Please start at the station that you are assigned, and then go to the next station and on until you are back at the first station of the rotation.


There are 5 stops for the stations to view and fill out forms.

#1 Gunnison Tunnel- water

#2 Lashley Cabin-homestead

#3 Caboose- railroad

#4 Stagecoach – transportation

#5 Tractors farm equipment- agriculture


The following stations are hands-on exhibits:

#6 Washing Clothes

#7 Grinding wheat

#8 Gold Panning

#9 Picture Scavenger hunt- front area

#10 Cowboy Cabin (brown cabin) Mining


These activities usually take about 15 to 20 minutes each.  Also if you would like to eat a snack or lunch, we do have room outside.


We can add the farm equipment activity of "Guess what this equipment was used for?" or a worksheet on "Life of an early Pioneer."


If you have a Middle or High School group then please call for the age group activity.


If you would like to set up a trip please call with the number in the group, if there are any parent volunteers, what grade level and if there will be any time limit.


For more information please call Sally at 249-2085 or email at


Be sure to check out the webpage with the QR codes on the farm equipment and how they were used in the past.

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