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Read true mountain rescue stories about visitors to San Juan Wilderness (and even some locals,) who get into dangerous situations. Once there, they call for help. Not only the police, fire and highway staff, but also highly trained mountain rescue volunteers, often risk their lives to rescue people from hiking, climbing, skiing, hunting, 4-wheel and mountain road accidents.

Unfortunately, not all mountain mishaps end in a rescue. But rescue or not, these adventure stories, told by award-winning writer Kent Nelson, allow you to relive the excitement and also give you insight into how you can safely enjoy this beautiful mountain area.

In addition to Ouray locals, readers nearby from Telluride, Silverton and Durango will relish these outdoor adventure stories of survival, rescue and sometimes loss. Lovers of Colorado 14ers and Mount Sneffels will also feel right at home. This is action-packed nonfiction, masterfully told.

Rescues and Tragedies in the San Juan Mountains

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