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Howard Greager's collection of true short stories adds another valuable insight to western history. Howard Greager, who is the author of four other historical books, spent two years documenting and researching these stories from the old West. Many of the stories from Posey's Spurs come directly from the families of the men involved.

Read true tales about: * The story of "Mancos Jim" Stephens - was he wrongly executed for a deputy sheriff's murder?
* The murder of James Westfall and Sheriff Wesley Dunlap and the twenty-two day manhunt for their killers.
* Honey Durham, an eleven-year-old, who watched his future step-father kill his dad but gets revenge seventeen years later.
* An unattended death in Gypsum Valley which resulted in a macabre end to a land-buying trip.
* The Hidden Treasure of the McCarty gang (Butch Cassidy was a member).

Posey's Spurs

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